Kanye West

Trying to understand a person like Kanye West is like trying to understand the stock market, he changes everyday sometimes unexpectedly and says things that can break the internet in seconds blowing up social media. The rapper who was born and raised in Chicago with an impressive rap career that he built by himself often times feels that hes misunderstood. From the perspective of people like you and I he may seem arrogant, full of himself, brutally honest, maybe even a little crazy. But the man in my opinion is just trying to shape culture and change the world. I’m honestly not a Kanye West supporter, I like his music and sometimes I find his attitude really funny, but I wouldn’t vote for him for president. Aside from his character West has influenced hip hop in a lot of ways and he has many hits he continues to make to this day. Coming into the genre he didn’t fit the status quo of the general rapper of the time, he was middle class college dropout who was artsy and different than most. He finally succeeded with his album drop “The College Dropout” and became and instant star. His constant change in individuality and identity often makes it difficult to give him a sense of self. Although Kanye has a very interesting personality, he opened the door for a lot of artists today and paved the way for pop culture and music in many ways. He will definitely be a huge name for many years to come.



NWA was a rap super group that came out of Compton, California in the lat 80’s and gained a widespread popularity during the 90’s. The group and what they did with their influence is highly applicable to today’s culture with the growing problem of black hate from police, and the movie “Straight Outta Compton”s release in movie theaters across America. The epic rap drama brought in an estimated $60.2 million dollars making it the largest first day sales for a rated R movie. The movie chronologically takes viewers through the groups stardom to finish and goes in depth on the influence they had as a group. The group began with rap artists Arabian Prince, Eazy-E, Dr.Dre, and Ice Cube. Later DJ Yella and MC Ren would join after Arabian Prince left the group before their hit album “Straight Outta Compton”. Ice Cube would later leave the group because of royalty disputes as well. The group changed the genre in a huge way with their debut album release in 1988, “Straight Outta Compton” because of the controversial hits it included like one of their most popular “F*** Tha Police”. This single from their debut album spurred from their hate for police because of racial discrimination and caused several riots at shows across America. Other artists then and even today have taken note of this hate for authority and is voiced in their music in very similar ways. Today with the release of the gritty biopic “Straight Outta Compton”, noteworthy artists, and the groups views on society and discrimination, the group is one of the biggest names in the genre and is still talked about to this day.

Tupac Shakur

The topic of Tupac Shakur is a very touchy subject in the Hip Hop world. His legacy will be one that will last forever within the genre and will live on through people for ages. Tupac was vicious, honest, sentimental, even bipolar and his personality may never be replicated as he was so deeply passionate about what he rapped about and was basically a poet with how his lyrics spoke his feelings about the issues prevalent during his reign. Tupac who originally was born in Harlem and moved to the West Coast ending up battling with East Coast rap until the day he died at the young age of 25 from a fatal drive by shooting of a Compton Crip named Orlando Anderson. Sadly Tupac was so young at the age of his death, but by the lifestyle the rapper lived, it was a part of life for something like that to happen. Tupac was very fiery and gruff with his lyrics and could be very serious at times, like on the track “Hit Em Up”. Sometimes Tupac had a very fun style though and was very excited with his lyrics like his songs “California Love” or “I Get Around”. Today Tupacs style is prevelant in almost any rapper as he was such a large influence whether it be his playful slap boxing, or his punch you in the face serious message, although his artistry as a whole will likely never be seen again.