Hip Hop Production

Hip Hop production is the making of Hip Hop music. More specifically it refers to the groundwork of a song or the instrumentation of the song rather than the lyrical side of a song. From this, its fair to say that the hip hop producers are the instrumentalists of a rap song. Hip hop producers use instruments like samplers, sequencers, drum machines, synthesizers, turntables,  and live instrumentation to make the background music or instrumentation of a rap song. This background music is often casually referred to as the beat making the producer also commonly referred to as the beatmaker. What I think is interesting is how little recognition producers receive from the public. I would relate them to the offensive linemen of a football team, in football the O-line is the base of the team and usually determines how successful an offense is but wont receive recognition like the running backs or wide receivers. Similarly the producers lay the groundwork for big rap artists but wont receive the recognition like the artist rapping in the song will. That is why I think a truly skilled rap artist is one who produces his music and also raps the lyrics like Kanye West. Today some of the biggest names in the rap production world include Dr Dre, Mike Will Made It, DJ Mustard, Pharrel, and Earl Sweatshirt just to name a few.


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