An MC or at the root of the word is defined as a Master of Ceremonies or someone who is the official host of a staged event or similar performance. MC’s in the hip hop world took the abbreviation to describe a skilled rap artist. The word also written as emcee has been used in the rap names of many artists, like the famous MC Hammer, but does not mean those artists are the only MC’s in the genre of hip hop/rap. This is true because many artists like Nas, Tupac, or even B.I.G represented the qualities of a true MC. These qualities that make a true MC for example include rapping to inform the public, trying to uplift people rather than degrade. They also include the ability of an to  ‘control’ the crowd, and exhibit good showmanship. Perhaps most importantly they use thoughtful lyrics, and need to be able to freestyle or rap whatever comes to mind in order to show real skill. Although the word MC is originally used to name someone hosting an event the hip hop world, as they often do with words, has taken it and given it a new meaning to describe a skilled rapper.


Hammer Time


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